Do Not Work Alone — Workers Compensation

An accident at work has long-lasting impact on your life. Minor accidents, major injuries, and future disabilities are all outcomes from work mishaps. The results are all much the same. Budget-busting medical expenses, lost income, lost time at work, and chronic pain puts pressure on families and causes a loss in quality of life.


You need to know your rights when it comes to workers compensation. State and Federal laws differ. You deserve an expert in the area of workers compensation for providing the best results.

Lawyers at JHP Attorneys want to guide you through each step of the process. Navigating laws and insurance companies is not something you want to do alone in a time of crisis. No one wants their employers playing down their injuries to pay the least amount.


Notify your employer of any workplace incident, first. Always see a medical professional and file formal reports. You never know when a minor injury evolves into a significant trauma.