Talking Tenancy Dispute & Protection

A tenancy dispute is not something you want to face alone from either side of a landlord or tenant relationship. Tenant lawyers help with evictions, collection of back rent, return or collection of security deposits, and liability lawsuits.


The more complicated cases of bankruptcy, property damage, and illegal discrimination because of violation of individual rights require a professional attorney who knows how a tenancy dispute disrupts every aspect of life.


Tenant eviction laws vary from place to place. Glendale, CA, local landlord-tenant law concerns tenants and landlord’s responsibilities and rights. Every city and state abide by a different set of rules. We have the know-how to represent a tenant who is going through the eviction process or assist a landlord in the eviction process.


Ensure everyone is following the proper set of laws and rules. Never find yourself without a roof over your head unfairly.