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Why Do You Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

You should be in control of your estate. That's the most important reason why you need an estate planning attorney. Whether you want to decide what happens when you are no longer here, or you want to establish a living trust, you need the help of an attorney. A living trusts attorney can help you set up regular payments to family members or anyone you choose. Someone who helps you plan your estate can ensure that your wishes are carried out when you are not here to see that they are. Don't allow the state or government to make these important decisions for you.

Mistakes happen and can be disastrous

There are many do-it-yourself wills on the market. Those who sell these items makes it sound so simple to create your own will, but is it really that simple? The answer is no. While you may feel that it's less expensive to do it on your own, it's truly not. Wills are governed by rules and regulations. One mistake can be disastrous. Let an attorney make sure that your will is perfect and that your wishes are clear and known.

Ensure that your estate is divided according to your wishes

If you don't have a will, there are laws on how your estate is divided.

  • Everything goes to your spouse and children if you have them.

  • If you don't have a spouse or children, your estate goes to your parents.

  • If your parents are no longer living, siblings are next in line.

  • If there are no siblings living, it goes to nieces and nephews.

It's your estate; you should be in control, not the government. You should decide where you want your estate to go.

Leave more to your heirs

Your attorney can give you tips on how to avoid expensive estate taxes. There are things that you can do now to make sure that your heirs won't be hit with huge tax bills.

Make sure your medical wishes are known

During the estate planning process, you will decide who can make your medical decisions. This person will have a medical power of attorney. Choose someone that you trust to carry out your wishes. This person will speak for you in the event that you cannot speak for yourself.

There are plenty of things that you can do yourself; estate planning is not one of them. You worked hard to build your estate. You should be the one who decides exactly what happens to it.

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