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Important Tips for Handling Any Tenancy Dispute

If you are a landlord, you know that at some point you will be faced with a tenancy dispute. You may want to call in a landlord tenant lawyer, but before you do, consider whether you can try to resolve it on your own. The first step to avoiding a dispute is to know the law. Many disputes occur because one party does not know the law and their rights. Take the time to learn the law and to keep up with changes. Even if you do this, there may come the time when you have a dispute. Here are some important tips to consider.

Talk it out

Many problems landlords have with tenants can be resolved by both sides discussing it completely. This is true for any tenancy dispute, so talking with your tenant should be the first thing to try. They may have an honest answer as to why they did what they did. Talking with each other is often an easier and cheaper option.

When you talk to your tenant, you want to keep your cool and not let your temper flare up, no matter how angry you are. This will help you present yourself in the best possible light.

Get a professional mediator

If you have tried to resolve the dispute on your own and have not had success, you may want to hire the service of a professional mediator. This person is different from a landlord tenant lawyer and can help assist both you and the tenant when coming to an agreement. Many states provide mediators who are trained to handle these types of situations with your rental properties.

Document everything

No matter what you do, it is always essential to have a paper trail. This will be your best defense when it comes to a tenancy dispute. For example, if your tenant consistently breaks the rules or has broken their lease agreement, having documentation will help prove your case. You will want to have a separate file for each tenant and record everything that happens. If your tenant threatens to take you to court, you can present this documentation to try and dissuade them. Documentation is also important if you hire a landlord tenant lawyer.

A tenancy dispute can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing the law and knowing what you can do to resolve it will go a long way in ensuring you have the best possible outcome.

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