Trusting Life — Living Trusts Attorney

Tomorrow is not a promise. Preparing for the future relieves the stress of today. At JHP Attorneys, we help to prepare you for future medical care and your heirs.


Succession and tax laws are complicated, but arrangements are critical to the quality of life. No one wants to spend their days worrying about what will happen if they were incapacitated or dead. A living trust attorney not only lays out an estate and future care concerns but also business-related assets.


When you sit down and start planning your estate, you should consider three things:

Trusts & Wills — A trusts lawyer wants to know who inherits what, in which order. It is for your peace of mind and insurance that they will be taken care of.


Businesses — Attorneys need to know about debts and business assets, so no one is left holding the bag.


General Estate Information — Dividing your assets is a large chunk of estate planning. Be sure of every aspect of your estate, so nothing goes forgotten.