What Does A Landlord Tenant Lawyer Do?

Tenant and landlord laws are different from state to state. Disputes arise from both the tenant and the landlord’s perspective. A landlord tenant lawyer has the skills to provide assistance to either side of the relationship in a professional manner.


Issues that arise between tenants and landlords:

  • Commercial or residential leases

  • Eviction filings

  • Questions about liability for the tenant, co-signers, or landlord

  • Payment or return of security deposits

  • Property maintenance responsibilities

  • Removal of unwanted house guests

  • Rent or lease payment disagreements


A landlord tenant lawyer with JHP Attorneys provides legal advice about tenant and landlord relationships. We strive to assist in any way we can. Tenant and landlord rights are important to us, and we work to provide you the most civil and positive path towards resolution of any issue.