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Whether you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, family law lawyer, immigration lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer in Glendale, CA, JHP Attorneys is here for you. JHP Attorneys provides legal services and representation in the complementary core areas of Real Estate, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Insurance Claims, Criminal and Corporate Law. JHP Attorneys is unique in it’s personal approach.


We recognize that clients of all sizes deserve undivided attention and proper representation at an affordable price. Our experienced team attorneys and paralegals are among the most esteemed in their respective practice disciplines. JHP Attorneys is committed to providing client focused legal services by putting our legal and professional expertise at work to deliver the best results for our clients.




Knowledgeable Navigation Of The Justice System — Criminal Defense Lawyer

The confusion that comes with an arrest is overwhelming. Which jail a loved one is at, how much is the bond, and when is the soonest the person is releasable are all questions that need answers fast.


A criminal defense lawyer is the best path possible. We want to be of assistance at every stressful step of the process. Safeguarding rights of our clients is a priority as well as reaching the best outcome.


Regardless if it is a misdemeanor or felony charge, representation understands each step and navigates the Justice System with our expert knowledge.


The ultimate goal is minimizing and/or beating charges professionally and legally.


We at JHP Attorneys commit to our clients. Shielding your individual rights, reputation, and future is our job and focus. As a criminal defense lawyer, each of us bases our conduct on facts and work relentlessly on the strongest defense strategy.



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